Thursday, December 16, 2010

Neodance - Spiritual Dance of Old Europe

At the beginning of this video, a dancer is asked what she feels when she dances. "I feel the freedom of the wind," she answers, "power of the earth, flowing of the water, energy of the fire. and all that transfused in endless love."

The rest of the video shows a small group of dancers engaged in a set of simple dances representing respectively wind, earth, water, and fire. There certainly is energy in these classical elements and in bodily movement. Tai Chi focuses the flow of energies within and around our bodies, sometimes drawing on energies of the earth, water, and air. Christian body prayer uses movement and sometimes uses the elements of creation as focal points.

How do you experience spirituality through body movement? Do you experience an immanent spirituality of wind, earth, water, and fire? Do you experience a transcendent spirituality of something beyond?

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