Sunday, March 24, 2013

American Jesus Madness -- My Round-Four Picks

The past few days have been busy for me, and I'm way behind in my picks for American Jesus Madness.  The results for Round Three were devastating to my bracket standings, knocking me off my perch at the top all the way off the leader board.  Hurting my bracket, Scot McKnight handily beat #RickWarrenTips, and Mark Sandlin's army of voters demolished Christian Humility.  Stephanie Drury, for whom I advocated in my last post, even though I did not have her down to make it this far in my original bracket, had almost five times the number of votes as Ann Voskamp.  The only aid to my bracket was Rachel Held Evans's win over Rob Bell's Missing Glasses.  I take total credit for her win (no Christian Humility here, either), with my video of her steamroller going over those glasses.  (/begin humility Truth be told, her tweeting my blog post that had that video gave me twice as many pageviews as I've ever had on this blog.  /end humility)  I'm still taking credit for her win.

This leaves the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Considering that half of the horsemen are women, I'm calling them the Four Buckaroos of Biblical Proportions.  Inclusive language is important.  Silliness is even more important.

Scot McKnight vs. Mark Sandlin

What can I say?  Mark's followers vote until their fingers bleed.  Scot's a nice guy, but nice guys finish last.  Buh bye.  Mark Sandlin will have ten times the votes Scot will have, or my name isn't David My-Bracket's-Busted Miller.

Rachel Held Evans vs. Stephanie Drury
Rachel was the runner-up last year, so I am told.  I didn't have Stephanie making it this far.  I had Rachel going up against Homebrewed Christianity in this round.  I had Homebrewed Christianity taking Rachel down this round, but that's not going to happen.  Stephanie had 3,837 votes last round, while Rachel had only 1,374.  I'm rooting for the underdog, which at the moment looks like Rachel.  Vote for Rachel.

Did I mention my bracket's busted?

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