Thursday, March 21, 2013

American Jesus Madness -- My Round-Three Picks

The second round of American Jesus Madness is in the books.  First the bad news.  Homebrewed Christianity, which I had predicted to win this round and to eventually take it all the way, lost to Ann Voskamp.  I totally blame myself.  If I had found some decent music on their podcast, I'm sure that would have swayed the voters.  Now for the good news.  That was the only match-up I got wrong this round, which puts me in the sole lead with 44 points.  Boo yah!

Now for my pics for Round Three voting:

#RickWarrenTips vs. Scot McKnight

McKnight had more votes (778) in the last round than #RickWarrenTips (741), but that's not much of a difference.  The way I see it, #RickWarrenTips might have been a flash in the pan, but it was a brilliant flash. Can't explain all the....  You know the drill.

Christian Humility vs. Mark Sandlin

I have a confession to make.  I have Christian Humility over Mark Sandlin in my bracket.  But I have to gotten to know Mark a bit in the past few days.  Not much, just online banter.  But that's enough for me to suspect that he might take this round, too.  This suspicion has absolutely nothing to do with his 4,630 votes in Round Two.  Absolutely nothing.  Still, if I am to continue my winning streak, Christian Humility must continue its streak and proudly defeat Mark.  Nothing personal, Mark.  Please don't turn the Christian Left against me.

Rachel Held Evans vs. Rob Bell's Missing Glasses

Last round, I called Rachel a "juggernaut, rolling over all comers."  Watch this video of a steamroller going over a bunch of glasses, as you vote for her.

Ann Voskamp vs. Stephanie Drury

I hadn't revealed this before, but...
So, as a Homebrewed Deacon, I'm taking Homebrewed Christianity's loss personally.  I will use all of my considerable resources to take Voskamp down!  (Actually,that exclamation point was about the extent of my resources.)  Vote for Stephanie Drury!  (I managed to find another exclamation point, doubling my available resources.)

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